COJALI is an European company that manufactures products and diagnosis for commercial vehicles. COJALI, with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of spare parts for commercial vehicles, began with the production of viscous fan clutches, plastic blades, valves, servo clutches, etc.

Components for Comercial Vehicles

A Resarch, Development and Innovation company (R+D+i) at the service of commercial vehicles. As such, all the products it manufactures are born with the latest technology in the automotive sector.

Likewise, COJALI develops the multibrand and multisystem diagnosis tool JalTest, Europe’s leader in diagnosis for commercial and light commercial vehicles.

Nevertheless, COJALI does not only offer spare parts and diagnosis products, but it also has a human staff in customer service, technical assistance and training, offering all the support that may be necessary for the operations to be satisfactory.