Company Profile

We offer wide range of new commercial vehicle spare parts specialized

in models Scania, Volvo and etc.

Diamond Technique Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1996. The company specialized in distributing full range of new spare parts for prime mover, heavy duty trucks and machinery etc. In the short span of 23 years, the company grew from manually processes to implement computerized system to improve work efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to offer full range of quality products and good services with reasonable prices.

Market Leadership

The company is one of the largest distributors in Malaysia, offering wide range of new spare parts specialized in models SCANIA, VOLVO, MAN and etc. The company is the authorized distributor brands for spares parts in Malaysia, such as AIR KRAFT , ATP- DIESEL , AYDINSAN , BF GERMANY , BLACKTECH , CEI , COJALI , DAYCO , DPH , D.TEC , ELRING , FAG , FTE , FERSA BEARING , HOLSET , INA , KACMAZLAR , KNORR , KONGSBERG , LEMA , LEMA , LUK , MAHLE , MONROE , OMP , OE GERMANY , PROVIA , REM.GERMANY , ROTA , SM PRECISION , VADEN and WABCO. During the past years, our marketplace has maintained a steady growth, while we continue to pursue improvement of existing products and services.


Mr Law Poh Hong always believes in team building and work efficiency will bring us more advantages. Under the excellent leadership of Mr Law, the company will keep improving to provide greatest services to our local and oversea market. The company also provides training courses or seminar to our employee to increase the competency to work more efficiency and provide better quality services.

Mission Statement

To be the first choice spare part provider in Malaysia, known, trusted and demanded by buyers in name.

Vision Statement

To be one of the leading and well-respected auto spare parts organization in Southeast Asia and

  • To provide a full range of European spare parts and D.TEC PARTS;
  • To provide cost-effective and quality services to our customers.
Word from founder

Leading the Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts Market

Diamond Technique Sdn Bhd, founded in 1996 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been enjoying a meteoric growth amidst keen competition for more than 20 years. The company deals with a comprehensive range of genuine spare parts for practically all European trucks, buses and commercial vehicles.

Diamond Technique is a full-fletched and well-staffed commercial vehicle spare parts wholesaler.

From valuable market feedback, it has been learnt over the years that some spare parts have to be improved upon, what with such diverse environmental factors from those in Europe, for example, weather and road conditions. Diamond Technique has thus proceeded to do just that, improving on some critical spare parts to come up with its own branding—

D.Tec Parts, “Our Parts, Our Hearts”! This comprehensive range of spare parts represents an improved version of original parts at very cost-effective prices, an added value that is much appreciated by retailers and end users alike.

Central to its operation are the Sales Department, Inventory Department and Packing/Dispatch Department, amply supported by the Finance and Import/Export Departments. All systems have been fully computerized to ensure maximal efficiency and real-time decision-making.

To further enhance customer loyalty, Diamond Technique organizes on-and-off seminars and workshops for customers, who are trained by specialists from Diamond Technique’s major suppliers. The objective is to give our customers hands-on experience with our products, especially new ones and, at the same time, provide useful tips on commercial vehicle repair. This has proven to be a very useful marketing effort, since well-trained commercial vehicle mechanics are hard to come by.

“We are proud to have established 2 new branches in Port Klang and Johor Bahru, complete with warehousing and delivery services as well as training facilities to better serve our local customers there. Other long-term expansion program is already in the pipeline,” says Law Poh Hong.

“This is because what our customers are looking for are quality products at a competitive price, dependable service and short lead time, which we strive to satisfy the best we could.” Diamond Technique has a full-fletched transport system to better serve urgent and demanding orders. Its product range is of the highest quality at very competitive prices. To top it all, Diamond Technique sales people pay regular visits to customers to engage in more proactive communication. After all, selling starts with good listening skills. It is a small wonder that Diamond Technique has been a leader in major markets in South-east Asia. To enhance their performance in the export market, Diamond Technique has gone viral on and
Having relished a well-earned reputation in South-east Asia, Diamond Technique is now venturing into Asia. “We have been active in local exhibitions, enhancing our name and image in Malaysia and South-east Asia. It is high time we turned our eye to Asia, and that is the reason for our involvement in the Shanghai Expo 2017.”

“Market dynamics are so swift that some suppliers find it hard to adapt in time,” explains Law, “Thanks to useful market feedback and the sales team who collect them, we are able to turn around faster and improve on a full range of products to better help our customers. Hence D-Tec Parts was born naturally in a unique fashion.”

Having used the push strategy effectively through the sales team, it is high time for Diamond Technique to embark on a new mission, which is the challenging task of exploiting the pull strategy—making everybody aware of Diamond Technique, be they buyers, users or installers of commercial vehicle spare parts.

To Diamond Technique, in these ever-changing times, market adaptation is the key to continuing excellence.

The product brands that we offered are readily stock available for delivery to you anytime, anywhere! Our strong brands are:

  • D.TEC
  • DPH
  • LUK
  • OMP
  • CEI
  • INA
  • FAG
  • L.E.M.A
  • ROTA

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